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Your Real Estate Success Partner

Bernadette Hurley

Chris Hurley

Scripts Jedi

Meet Bernadette

With over 25 years of invaluable experience in the real estate industry, Bernadette Hurley stands as a trusted leader and mentor to real estate professionals. Her passion for helping others succeed has been the driving force behind her extensive career, during which she has tirelessly coached and guided individuals on their path to real estate success.

As a real estate coach, Bernadette excels in empowering agents to structure and organize their business effectively. Her expertise spans database management, system implementation, leverage models, lead generation, lead management, conversion strategies, elevating the customer experience, and ensuring accountability for her Realtor clients.

Bernadette's coaching approach revolves around authenticity and a deep understanding of her clients' strengths and weaknesses. Her goal is to mold them into the best versions of themselves, providing a clear path to achieving their aspirations. She actively works alongside you, diligently tracking numbers, overseeing your pipeline, and ensuring that lead generation strategies are held accountable. This hands-on approach enables her to tackle both immediate challenges and long-term goals, driving accelerated growth.

Ideal clients for Bernadette are those willing to go the extra mile in all facets of real estate, including stepping outside of their comfort zones. They are fully aware of their goals, committed to reaching them, and open to reinventing themselves where necessary. Real estate is a demanding industry, requiring professionals to take on multiple roles, and Bernadette excels at helping her clients excel in all these aspects.

Meet Chris

A skilled real estate professional with over 20 years of experience leading teams of all sizes. He has successfully led both small teams and large brokerages, earning a reputation for his exceptional ability to motivate and inspire his team members. As a sought-after live presenter of real estate training, Chris has a seasoned mastery of presentation skills and has earned the nickname "Scripts Jedi" for his leadership of a daily real estate training where hundreds of brokers across North America would  gather each weekday morning.

Chris's leadership style is marked by a rare blend of empathy, decisiveness, and strategic thinking, which has earned him the respect of his colleagues and clients alike. He creates a culture of excellence that drives success and is always looking for new ways to help others succeed in their real estate careers. Working closely with Realtors in Dwell Group, Chris thrives on seeing others achieve their goals and believes that strong leadership is the key to success in the real estate industry.

In addition to his leadership skills, Chris is also an active Realtor in North Carolina and Texas, where he works directly with clients to help them buy and sell their homes. His deep knowledge of the industry and passion for education has allowed him to consistently deliver top-notch service to his clients.

Meet The Hurleys... Hurley party of 6!

You can’t really say you know us until you take a sneak peek into our big WHY.

Meet our family...

We’ve been married for over 27 years, And we have 4 beautiful children who keep us on our toes. Our oldest son, Brenden, plays Rugby for the University of North Carolina Wilmington where he is pursuing a degree in computer science. Our only daughter and second child, Malea, cheers for the University of North Carolina and on the USA All-Girl Premier Cheer Team. She is studying Digital Marketing and hopes to be a digital influencer. Our third child, Dominic is a junior in high school and plays competitive baseball. He has such a gusto for life! And lastly, Our fourth and youngest child is Joseph. He’s an amazing kid who just became a teenager. Joseph was born extraordinary and has been a blessing to our family. Although he is quadriplegic and nonverbal, he teaches us the meaning of having Joy.

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